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Sunny Side Plantation

Coovert created a photo album about Sunny Side Plantation, Ark., in 1893. Its owner, New York banker, railroad magnate, and land developer Austin Corbin, created a model of industrial efficiency. Faced with scarce labor, he imported immigrants from northern Italy. The plantation had a railroad, sawmill, and several steamers, in addition to the enterprises commonly found on cotton plantations -- a gin, stores, livestock, and warehouses. It has been documented in Shadows Over Sunnyside, by Jeannie Whayne.

401. Looking down Railroad Track from Gin House, showing Sunny Side City.
400. Blacksmith shop at Sunnyside.
407. General Manager’s residence, cotton house in the distance.
403. Hauling Cotton from field.


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Sunny Side Plantation

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    410. Saw Mill belonging to Company.
    416. Sunny Side store, office and engine house.
    418. Section hands working the railroad track.
    419. Manager's house at Midway.
    438. Hay rack and barn yard at Midway.
    428. Cotton gin and seed house, Sunny Side.
    440. Interior of store at saw mill.
    449. Teams hauling in corn fodder.
    Train George S. Edgell at Sunny Side Landing with what appear to be Italian families.
    Mill Crew. Unnumbered photo, signed Coovert.