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Health Dept.

Pictures from the Memphis/Shelby County Health Department showed the "visiting nurse" program as well as efforts to introduce "sanitary" conditions to dairies and farms. There are also pictures of modern garbage incineration. Many of the images appear to have been made with the aid of artificial lighting in the 1910's. They resemble the social documentarian Jacob Riis who photoraphed immigrants in New York's slums. Coovert's pictures were rescued from a yard sale in the 1970s by Mildred Hicks, a Health Department employee.

Photo by Coovert
# 1277. Visiting nurse with mother and twins.
Photo by Coovert
#1276. Visiting nurse bathing baby.
Photo by Coovert
# 1267. Boy and girl.
Photo by Coovert. Visiting nurse.
Photo by Coovert Crying baby. Photo by Coovert Happy baby.


"In Search of J.C. Coovert"
An illustrated lecture on the life and work of J.C. Coovert by Jane Adams and D. Gorton

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    Photo by Coovert
    # 1256. Modern dairy.
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1270. Sanitary dairy and cows.
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1269. Sanitary dairy.
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1272. Courthouse laboratory for Health Department
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1257. Visiting nurse with neglected child.
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1266. Garbage dump and incinerator with sanitation police in carriage.
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1264. Tuberculosis isolation camp.
    Photo by Coovert
    # 1278. Garbage dump and incinerator.
    Photo by Coovert. Visiting nurse examining child for pellagra.