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Coovert's panoramic photographs are held in the Library of Congress among other institutions. They are often entitled "Cirkut" photos, which refers to the Cirkut camera, first manufactured in 1905. Coovert used the "Cirkut" as well as other banquet cameras out of doors. Perched on a 15 foot tripod used to photograph conventions in Memphis, Coovert directed vast farm scenes in the countryside along the Mississippi River, as the workers, bosses, and animals waited patiently for the slow exposures. He retouched landscapes to tell a dramatic story of cotton.

King Cotton "Cirkut" Photo, copyright 1907. J.C. Coovert. Collection of Library of Congress
Dixie Land.: Not So Fine as Silk But Richer. "Cirkut" Photo, copyright 1907. J.C. Coovert. Hadley Collection.


"In Search of J.C. Coovert"
An illustrated lecture on the life and work of J.C. Coovert by Jane Adams and D. Gorton

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    Memphis Boat Club. Photo by Coovert, March 10, 1906. Dye Collection.
    White Cotton, Black Pickers and a Gin. Humble and Crude, but the Crop Uncle Sam Depends on to Maintain His Gold Balance. "Cirkut" Photo by Coovert, Memphis, Tenn., U.S.A., copyright 1914. J.C. Coovert. Slight color tint visible. Collection of Library of Congress.
    Cirkut Photo by Coovert, Memphis. copyright 1922. No. 2633. Hadley Collection. Note similarities to the landscape in "White Cotton, Black Pickers and a Gin"
    "Cabins, Cotton, and Cash" miniature Cirkut Photo by Coovert, copyright 1922. . Handwritten captions differ. Hadley Collection. Note similarities with landscape in "King Cotton" of 1907.
    Dixie's Field of the Cloth of Gold: The Nation's Billion Dollar Crop. Cirkut Photo by Coovert, copyright 1914 . Tinted photomechanical image. Collection of Library of Congress
    Wilson, Ark. No. 1835. Coovert, Memphis, Tenn. 1931. Hadley Collection.
    Harvesting Wheat, R. Lee - Wilson Plantation, Wilson, Ark. Photo by Coovert No. 3011. Hadley Collection .